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Emperor: people always praise retired players the heat now can only play seven points

Posted Feb 17 2013 3:22am
During all-star weekend, everybody for Jordan VS lebron contrast topic enthusiasm has been high. In an interview today, lebron and tries to give some other point of view. Lebron said, a skill supergroup people tend to be in his really quit after this field will get people's heartfelt praise. The words of the suggested very understand, maybe Cheap Kobe 7 lebron feel to the retirement is to have more good than Jordan's career, and at the same time, people also will be given to him better evaluation. "I know, when you really over all, people tend to at that time for you to enjoy more, when you retire do not play, when musicians never created, or is the painter finished his painting career, the" lebron said, "at that time people will have more appreciated. "Like Michael Jackson, of course I said so not put ourselves in and Jackson also high position, but people do when he was away from the world after he was more appreciative, people more appreciative of Picasso's art is in his never creation does not come out after these things." Lebron also talked about the heat now performance, Miami is the east with the first record into the all-star weekend, but lebron said, the best heat type basketball also behind. If, in Cheap Kobe VII accordance with the 1-10 to give the heat level evaluation of words, so lebron only gives the heat play seven points, but he said the scores are very let him satisfied. "I think this is we are really want position," James said. "we don't want to play more than half games to reach ten points when the full marks level, now we probably only seven points level, but the seven points side we have a marked up arrow." For the Miami heat coach, handsome speaking, he thought that the heat the next step can promote direction is against the eastern playoff team record. Against the pacers, bulls, the knicks, the heat record is 0 11-5 record, in the second half of the race against the Miami heat in the team and six games to play. "We have now position, but in fact we haven't beaten indiana, bulls, or the knicks, our players know this," handsome, said, "we have a chance to change this situation, the back of the schedule we will also meet with all of these teams, they are now hit a high level, we need to strengthen in some aspects, even in Kobe 7 USA the past two weeks we performance is how well, we still have some aspects need to be improved. Anthony get in a word: "what is this? Aqua?" He also felt SaGe light coat. "Yes, or say blue-green." SaGe answer. "You today really want to do? Why will dressed like this?" Garnett became the dominant party questions. "Want to get everybody's attention." SaGe answer to Anthony and Kevin garnett to laugh. "The devil is the answer?" Garnett said. This period occurred in the eastern all-star training episode that Anthony and Kevin garnett does not have any strong, at the beginning of that conflict has become the past. At least in this weekend, as the two men for the eastern conference all-star victory and work together. In order to prepare for the upcoming all-star east-west dual meet, today two teams are arranged short training, as the eastern all-star coach spor Stella to Kobe 7 Big Bang research to use what kind of game to lead a superstar gathered team. "No position in our game, is used by the heat of the game," said, handsome, "Kevin garnett, you come to the ball." So in training garnett do the main work of the dribbling, if in the all-star game tomorrow see similar scene, please don't be shocked. "I will study my one rotation," handsome smile, said, "I have wrote two loose-leaf paper, different team, big team, no position of the style of team, all these I will in the next 24 hours to find the answer, I now want to head dizzy."
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