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Don't Cry 'Cause It's Over, Smile 'Cause It Happened

Posted May 18 2006 12:00am

I have been doing a very excellent job of repressing the fact that we’re moving and that the people that I have grown to love in this community will no longer be central figures in our lives.

This does not mean that we aren’t excited to go someplace new. I would hope that the place where were going would want us to be the kind of people who are sad to leave our friends. If we weren’t, what kind of people would we be?

But I saw this quote today, and of course it made me cry. But the thought is such a good one. It sums it all up....

Today one of the people we will miss is coming over to help me pack. The house is a total wreck, so I need to spend some time getting ready for her to arrive.

We move in 19 days. It’s been a great seven years and I want to leave smiling cuz it happened, even though I will cry cuz it’s over.

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