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Do you think that Apple iPhone still can not be exceed

Posted Jun 14 2012 7:05am

"Almost a year to the high end mobile market was dominated by Apple iPhone4S, but the situation is fully changed. "Mobile industry consulting firm national policy advisory, principal analyst Peter Yang Kwan said to reporters. Recently, Apple's "rival" Samsung and Nokia publish flagship mobile phone GalaxyS3 and Lumia900, respectively the preemption by Apple owns the high-end handset market. The industry expected the gap of Android and Microsoft systems (WindowsPhone) and technology between Apple's iOS operating system has gradually disappeared, on the Apple in the Smartphone market in China, "a single" situation will be unsustainable.

Nokia and Samsung challenge to Apple together

It is learnt that the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will be held on June 11 in the United States in California. The industry expects in this Conference, Apple is likely to release the operating system of the new generation of Apple iOS6, and the discovery of the next generation iPhone cell phone listing. However this eve, Samsung and Nokia also released a new generation of flagship models.

According to Samsung Electronics revealed that supports three new generation machines King GalaxyS3 of 3G system has been listed in China. A Samsung company told reporters that now more than 100 network operators in the world, has been close to the 7000 millions, will be the best-selling models. The official also told reporters, shortly after the GalaxyS3, Samsung also will be published the Note of second generation products after best selling large-screen Smartphone.

At the same time, Apple is another old rival Nokia that has also released IE9 browser built into mobile version, WindowsPhone system's flagship phones that support HTML5 technology Lumia900. According to the General Manager of Nokia's major Teng Hongfei told reporters, Nokia 900 won 13 international award overseas, which is very competitive handset. However, there are still many iphone fans are looking for forward to the iphone5, even they have bought many best iphone cases, such as stylish iphone cases, bling iphone cases, cool iphone cases and so on.

A strong opponent, almost certainly iPhone5 prior to the release of the next generation, Apple iPhone4S will be shocked by Samsung and Nokia's new flagship mobile phone.

Apple cell phone frequency is questioned

Accompanied by the introduction of more and more high-end smart phones, whether it's domestic mobile phone users are also the three carriers, are beginning to gradually get rid of Apple iPhone mobile phone "dependent".

"Many users have iPhone4S is fatigue. "Peter Yang Kwan said, upgrading from iPhone4 to iPhone4S, appearance without any change has a lot of fans of both deeply disappointed. At the same time, Android Smartphone and Microsoft systems are flourishing.

In addition to long term unchanged appearance to attract users, Apple's iPhone on the performance indicators were also mobile phones more than the Android and Microsoft System. For example, quad-core Samsung GALAXYS3 is the first Smartphone, the Android operating system 4, HD dazzling 4.8 inch screen, 1.4GCPU. While the Nokia Lumia900 is carrying 4.3-inch AMOLED screen, configures the 1.4GHz processor.

Compare iPhone4S CPU frequency is 800MHz, only 3.5 inches on the screen. In big-screen mobile phones growing popularity now, iPhone4S is still using a 3.5-inch screen, is relatively small. In addition, criticized iPhone4S's battery life is also suffering from the user, still has not been fully resolved.

Industry analysis

Carrier force resistance of Apple "sat"

"Apple iPhone's importance in the eyes of operators is on the decline. "Art-Media Advisory Board Chairman Zhang Yi said, Apple has so far failed to reach a cooperation agreement with China Mobile, the world's largest operator, looking back at Samsung and other vendors have a positive ground-launched TD-SCDMA to 600 million mobile users cell phone. Zhang Yi said, Apple's arrogance make no doubt eager to obtain high quality terminal of China Mobile lost patience and no longer had high hopes, but switched to Samsung and Nokia's arms.

According to market research company Nielsen report shows that by the end of March of this year, more than 30% of smartphone users worldwide are using the iPhone. However, the iPhone on the 3G share of the Smartphone market in China is only 8.52%.

Analysis of the industry, causing iPhone share not high dues to the high price of Apple's iPhone, ordinary working class to buy more difficult. "IPhone4S lacks the price advantage. "Peter Yang Kwan said iPhone4S is expensive now, but better Android and Microsoft system configuration of mobile phones are cheaper, more cost-effective than iPhone4S. "Operators in order to meet the needs of the common people, increase the development of thousands of intelligent machines, reducing concerns about iPhone is the inevitable trend. ”

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