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Day 3: 31 Days of Pinterest: Pulled Pork

Posted Jun 06 2012 7:11pm
Today's Pinterest find is our first recipe.  I've never made pulled pork, although I love it, and this recipe was touted as "easy," "few ingredients," and very tasty.  Can't beat that!

Olivia has been wanting to learn to do more in the kitchen.  But, teaching all day and coming home to a few hours of putting dinner together doesn't lend itself well to a feeling of patience and teaching in the kitchen, so summer seemed the perfect time.  Therefore Olivia made our pulled pork dinner!

Instead of really teaching to cook, this time is more to teach her how to read and follow a recipe, and use the tools of the kitchen along the way.  If she can do that she should be able to cook almost anything.  A couple of years ago Olivia got an Easy Bake Oven, which she wanted and was so excited about.  I did the first few items with her, but then she was on her own.  And it wasn't pretty.  She and Braeden still reminisce about the "donut" that was actually a flat piece of yuck.  Because she didn't follow the recipe.  She skipped steps, didn't pay attention, and just kind of went along doing the main things it required.  I showed her where she went wrong and how important a recipe was to follow the steps in order and completely.  And needless to say it didn't work out.  So, hopefully, with maturity and determination, our time in the kitchen this go around will result in many happy foods!

Pulled Pork
Ingredients: Pork Roast, 1/2 bottle BBQ, seasoning salt, 1 can Pepsi (or Dr Pepper, etc)

Mix 1/2 bottle of BBQ and can of pop (or do you call it soda?) :) in the crock pot.  Cover the roast with seasoning salt and add to the crock pot.  Recipe then says cook on low for four hours, shred meat, and cook 2+ additional hours.  We were gone today for 6 hours and left it on low the whole time, still turned out fantastic.  

Olivia did great following the very easy recipe.  She learned about washing hands after handling raw meat, how to shred, etc.

I think when we make this again (and we will, it was GOOD!), I will try the Dr Pepper for a bit more flavor, and add some more BBQ too, but it was tasty as is!  A hit!
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