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Day 23: 31 Days of Pinterest: Chocolate Ice Cream Bowls

Posted Jun 26 2012 3:49pm
Ha!  If you are on Pinterest you have probably seen this pin.  You blow up some water balloons, melt some chocolate, dip the balloon in, place on wax paper/foil, let cool and voila' - ice cream bowls you can eat!  Wonderful!  NOT!  Do NOT be fooled!  Here is the REAL story...

First, plan this for while on vacation, because really, what's "cooler" than eating ice cream on one of your vacation eves out of a bowl made from chocolate?!

Second, bring along your ingredientswater balloons
chocolate chips (which you bypass using in the pancakes that morning because you aren't sure how much you'll need for this pin)
melting "bowl"

Third, blow up your balloons...  OH. MY. WORD. are water balloons hard to blow up or what?!  My face STILL hurts! :(  But, I did it.  I even blew up a few extra in case we had extra chocolate.

Fourth, melt your chocolate... done, no problems there.

Fifth, let your chocolate cool.  Done.

Now, the easy part, dip the bottom portion in the chocolate and place on the foil to harden.




Balloon after balloon.  Even letting the chocolate cool even more.

And when I tried to finally click through the pin to the actual post to read if they had any tips... it doesn't click through. :(

Finally, I GAVE UP and made some designs with the chocolate to have on top of our ice cream later.  SO BUMMED!  If you try this and succeed... PLEASE let me know your secret!

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