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Day 2: 31 Days of Pinterest: Summer Journals

Posted Jun 05 2012 5:18pm
Today's Pinterest idea is one I LOVE (I guess they all are since I'm trying them!)Summer Journals!

Each child has one "journal".  I found these great Mead Composition notebooks on Amazon for an amazing price.  There is a blank space at the top for a picture and then lines underneath, but not the little kid lines, so perfect for my older two!  To make them look a little more special I took scrapbook paper and glued on a piece to fit the cover.  Then I took black stickers and put their name at the bottom.

They each also get one set of skinny markers (they don't use markers around here much, mom is a bit anal!, so the special-ness of them I thought would help motivate even more).  I also covered those with coordinating paper and cut off the top flap portion.

I then purchased large binder clips (Staples has a great selection and inexpensive too) to hold the two together.

They each have a disposable camera as well as their journal.

As part of their earning summer snack money, they are required to do three journal pages a week.  I have a basic calendar hung up with some of our activities they can look over and decide what they might want to journal about.  Then that day they bring their camera with, take ONE picture (hard I tell you!), and come home and write about it on the next blank page.  Olivia needs to write at least three sentences, Braeden two (writing is NOT his thing), and Liam dictates to me while I write his.

At the end of the summer we'll get their pics developed and paste them onto the correct journal pages and they'll have a great memento of their summer!

This is one I'm very excited about and can't wait to see the end result!!!
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