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Daphne will enter the women's shoes market in Japan

Posted Oct 11 2012 3:17am

year is the continent's largest brand shoes Daphne ashes after 11 years, only 42-year-old cheap Adidas Originals shoes Daphne chairman of Chen Yingjie key year for recycling brilliant addition to the planned net increase in the continent shop 1,500 home and reach to Japan, Singapore, stick to the mainland adidas wings shoes toward Asia regional expansion.

Hong Kong listed companies Daphne is a Taiwan-funded enterprises letter home. Former legislator, Shun Tai Yu, chairman Zhang instrument cheap Adidas Originals shoes to run a family business Mitutoyo footwear, to digest excess stock, 1990 to take the laurel goddess Daphne (DAPHNE) "in the name of his own brand on the mainland.

Zhang instrument is the uncle of Chen Yingjie Chen Yingjie the Zhongyuan International Trade after graduation, forced to give up your favorite music, into the Daphne services, from the most basic level of operator became. Others three months on the rotation, he was deliberately hone their elders, the operator is when more than a year.

adidas jeremy scott shoes family thinks highly cultivated as his cheap adidas samba shoes for sale successor


original, Daphne prevailing operating adidas jeremy scott shoes in crisis, store the old style of the old, old discount promotions, employees see no future in the company, high turnover, family elders thought, simply takes the plunge, let the young people give it a try.

stepped in old transfiguration tide shop

Chen Yingjie reposition Daphne change to go from the low-cost brand in the price line. Adjust the brand pattern, store light, decoration thrown bright, adidas high top shoes sale cheap online the eyes of the people from the mainland at the time, the re-starting of the Daphne is "boom", has a popular sense adidas jeremy scott sale of a company so back to life.

Chen Yingjie said Daphne annual output of shoes in the mainland for more than 30 million pairs, more than 5,000 retail outlets (Direct to join and counters, etc.) this year, but also a net increase of 1,500, one to six mainland tier cities will be balanced layout.

to strengthen its own brand, Daphne own brand shoebox adidas jeremy scott sale (shoe) last month, was kind enough to Disney Shanghai signed a contract to become its consumer products division of footwear products in mainland China DTR (direct for retail) authorized providers.

shoe 500 outlets in the whole continent, now on sale simultaneously adidas clima running shoes for sale Disney Princess series, Toy Story series and racing Story series of children's shoes.

year double-digit revenue growth the corporate forecast Daphne's 2010 revenue is expected to challenge $ 70 million (about NT $ 263 billion), Chen Yingjie shoes in the Adidas Jeremy Scott for sale male, according to mainland market After, it is ready to start in this year's regional distribution.

, he said, this year to begin to regional international development, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, markets go hand in hand. Singapore has already begun, will sing the country as a beachhead in the Southeast Asian market, and then to Malaysia, Indonesia, Adidas Jeremy Scott for sale for exploratory development.

As for the Japanese market, Chen Yingjie said no problem spending power in Japan, with emphasis on "brand jeremy scott wings shoes strategy". Daphne opened about ten stores in Japan and store a variety of pathways, are being used for the path of the pilot study.

view of the single brand is difficult to rely on the power of their own battles EGL, Chen Yingjie revealed the global top 500 famous Japanese retail and financial services group Aeon (AEON), has been the expression of intention to invest in Japan, Daphne together jeremy scott wings shoes into the Japanese shoes market.

this year to pay shop rent 6800000000

Daphne in the mainland in recent years shop super speed over a thousand a year, on average each year off to 200 stores this year, is expected to be a net increase of 1,500 stores 2011, to be paid in the mainland landlord's rent more than RMB 1.5 billion (approximately NT $ 68 jeremy scott wings shoes billion), climbing rental costs Daphne, chairman Chen Yingjie self-deprecating "sharecroppers.

the beginning of the New Year, when most people are happy to look forward to the advent of the Spring Festival holiday, Chen Yingjie fell into Ascension. For the implementation of the economies of scale, toward the "store target forward Kandian became his everyday homework.

Daphne shop rent is usually three years, one of about the same over 100 square meters (about 30 to 60 pings) shop cheapest year rent is not more than 100,000 yuan, a lot adidas originals shoes sale online of money; most expensive year rent of more than 900 million, is located in downtown Guangzhou Beijing Road.

Guangzhou Distribution Department asked me to rent, not for rent, and I think waited a long time, and in the end they would want to shop rents down, looked at a lot of competitors out there shop, grinding his teeth I said, to continue Adidas Jeremy Scott talk about it. adidas originals shoes sale online "

Chen Yingjie said, the landlord has a government background, more than Guangzhou Beijing Road shop he including many shops Daphne in Shantou, are also the landlord, it is necessary to maintain a good relationship.

Daphne the rent more than RMB 1.5 billion in 2011, an average of 300,000 each (about NT $ 135 million). Chen Yingjie said, As chairman, he is specifically charged with this matter troubles look unusual shop, its not finalized all pay.

continent in recent years rent up badly eroded Daphne lot of profit. Chen Adidas Jeremy Scott Yingjie said, the mainland usually mature in three years will be up to rent, but also encountered good landlord is not up to rent, usually the landlord are people in foreign pure when charter public, do not understand the market, do not rise to rent.

With rents rising, this cheap adidas JS Wings Shoes sale case turned out to be from three years ago, more than 20 million, breath risen to more than Adidas Jeremy Scott 700,000, "three years time up to three times the rent, I really the caught Ascension. "

he calculated that the rent-profit than still around the national average, and that store money, before deciding to continue renting, or will inevitably want to" blame previously earned too much, he had stupid, or now the rent is reasonable, the Ascension, began to detail the thinking.

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