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Dalian aerbin Club official yesterday

Posted Jan 16 2013 6:37am
And luoshenbake Keita, black tower card, Varro, Chen Tao, Yu Dabao, Yu Hanchao ... ... This is aerbin frontcourt players for the new season, which is basically composed nike blazers outlet of two sets of frontcourt combination of envy. Even compared with evergrande, aerbin team does not fall wind. Zhao Mingyang Xu jiayin vie for the same strain, after the introduction of heavyweight foreign aid, improve the squad with three points focused on recruiting local elite in the country, strong local players the rare, even two of Guangdong's basic monopoly domestic elite players, who own the two, is also a reasonable thing.

Dalian aerbin Club official yesterday announced signing France International Hoarau, a three-year contract. This method a single season had scored 20 ball striker, Hao statement at a presentation ceremony in Super also scored 20 goals. Height 192cm Varro debut in France Le Havre, to 38 three-ball method b the best shooter. 2008 move to Saint-Germain 20 ball teams in the first season and winning France team. It is learnt that aerbin and Paris Saint-Germain after friendly consultations, pay a penalty of about 4 million euros to sign Varro.

Guozu is preparing for the Asian Cup qualifier on February 7 with the Saudi team, focused preparation asics trainers sale for one month in advance, as a major international Guangzhou-nature is "injured", has been pumping out 11 players. However, in the midst of the 11 international, Zhang Peng/tr because just in Italy had the surgery is still in recovery, so national teams after the understanding of Zhang Peng/tr, also allowing Zhang Peng/tr do not have to participate in this training. Now, with Rong Hao "injury", evergrande was drawn the number 9 people also.
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