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Create Referral Systems That Really Work - LocoSlave

Posted Jan 29 2013 7:13am

Inotherwords, even if theyre inclined to send prospects your way, they wont if they cant identify someone as an ideal candidate for you.

The final reason that typical methods are ineffective is that most people dont really understand what you do and how youre different Ever had a client say, I didnt know you do that! Thats a sure indication that you arent effectively educating your clients and/or your network.

All this is well and good, but what will work Actually there are a number of referrals approaches that overcome the shortcomings of the typical referrals methods Effective referral generation methods must 1) not rely on the person to recall names, 2) educate the person as to who you are and what you do, and/or 3) build confidence and credibility.

Briefly, here are four proven methods that work ANTIQUEFRIEND.ORG.1. Offer clients a list of neighbors or nearby businesses to identify names from.

As part of the process, have a follow-up process in place that allows clients to see how youll be contacting those people.2. Start sending a monthly Tips letter out to a select group of existing clients. It should be useful, informative, not be focused solely on insurance, and should remind them about sending you referrals.3. Develop a large (100 person) network of other business people to stay in touch with on a regular basis. Send out a monthly mailing to help everyone get to know one another, and highlight yourself each time as well.4. Develop one or more neighborhood newsletters (similar to the ones real estate agents do) and build awareness and credibility with an ever-widening population.Put in Enough EffortEach of the above referral systems work. The challenge is to implement them effectively and to use them long enough to see results.
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