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Crazy Mamma Therapy

Posted Jun 16 2009 12:00am
So, since I can tell no one these things face to face, I will theraputically put them here. Where I can process. Where I can keep record of highs, lows, and patterns. Where I can look back and determine if I'm CRAZY. I considered a journal. But a blog seems more hip, more with-it, more creative and more hopeful. Hope, you ask? Maybe, someone who's being hurt by the same circumstances will find validation, comfort, a good laugh, or a kindred spirit.

I have to protect my child's identity. That's why I just don't go an unload on my friends. The things he does. . .the child he is. . .the history he has. . .is his. I don't want him labeled, because once God changes him, he'll be a new creation.

So, bear with me. I know no one will probably read this. Except you. And maybe you'll just want the gory details, but just maybe you'll see a glimpse of God's work and/or find some hope. Maybe you'll just get a kick out of watching me fall apart. Either way, enjoy.
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