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Cornell shoes "three-step" 5 years overseas shop 1000

Posted Oct 11 2012 3:18am

"let the world know Kangnai This is my ideal! "China Leather Shoes the king ֣�㿵 ringing. So far in 2006, the Cornell Group has been in the Russian city of Ussuriysk investment of nearly 10 billion yuan, the construction covers an area of ??2.28 million square meters in area of ??economic and trade cooperation between China and Russia, plans to introduce 60 domestic enterprises, with a total investment of 20 billion yuan RMB.֣�㿵 Cornell not only vying for the vanguard of the international footwear cheap nike free run industry to achieve the integration of processes, technology, equipment and products, but also affect the nike free run 3 on sale corporate culture, brand, brand spirit and entrepreneurial team on the international spread. The settled ussuriysk selected in order to break through the barriers to trade, Cornell Russian city of Ussuriysk. November 3, 2005, the Wenzhou Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, Bureau of Finance and the Lucheng District Footwear Association has a group visit to the land expedition, accompanied by ֣�㿵 found, there has been investing in enterprises in Wenzhou settled. He was very interested. "An account" Ruian Xin Er Tai Footwear Companies began in 1998 trade with Russia to build 13 production lines in Urumqi in 2001, can produce seven to eight million pairs of shoes a year. Companies, chairman Cai Jianlin had counted, the formal clearance, nike free run 3 on sale only 5% of one pair of semi-finished leather shoes export tariffs the finished men nike free run shoes tariffs of up to 15%, "gray customs clearance" to enter Russia, from Wenzhou to St. Petersburg months or more, and may face the possibility of the tax police force up the goods. If the enterprises semi-finished shoes complete the assembly, not only in Urumqi can safely sales in Russia, can also be sent to the EU market, lower tariff costs, and also do not have to worry about the problems of the "anti-dumping".֣�㿵 learned, Urumqi where Russia's Primorsky Territory and bordering China's Heilongjiang Province, is the most prosperous region in the Russian Far East. Urumqi is the area's second largest city, is an important channel for China's access to the Far East, the Sea of ??Japan coast, just 53 kilometers away from our East Port, trains direct our Suifenhe City, 100 sale cheap nike free run shoes kilometers away from the capital of Russia's Primorsky Territory Vladivostok, convenient transportation . In Ussuriysk become one of the first batch of China in 2006 in the foreign economic and trade cooperation zone behind reflected in national policy support, and also no doubt to feed investors a reassurance.֣�㿵 has made up his determination to invest in Urumqi. In May 2006, Cornell received the Ministry of Commerce for proposals for the construction of the foreign trade and economic cooperation zones. September 19, Cornell one fell swoop Industrial Park ussuriysk. Then, the Cornell Group and China Resources Group, Heilongjiang East jixin Industry & Trade Group set up the the conger International Investment Limited. According to reports, Yoshinobu circles in Russia has a very strong personal connections, and local taxes, labor export policies are also very nike free running shoes for sale familiar with and understand. Which provide sale cheap nike free run shoes for kids the greatest convenience for Cornell settled in Ussuriysk.֣�㿵 said, for the enterprises in the park, the good news is that the countries part of the fixed assets investment grants, subsidized loans and financial assistance for infrastructure construction to provide bank guarantees and export credit insurance is invested enterprises so that enterprises have less to worry about . As of now, the park settled more than 20 domestic enterprises, achieved sales of $ 158 million in 2009, $ 27.8 million of tax to Ussuriysk City taxpayer. March 20, 2010, Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping's visit to Russia during that, to the park is to accomplishing a model of cooperation between the two countries in the Far East. 5 years, the shop has always been unthinkable the daring ֣�㿵, already formulated the "three-step" development strategy: cheap jordan heels sale online First, open stores cheap nike jordan high heels abroad, avoid procurement middlemen dilute profits 1000. Cornell has opened more than 200 stores in more than 30 countries around the world, the overseas sales growth of up to 20% in 2010, accounting for about 10% of the Group's total sales. The Cornell Group also plans to open 1,000 overseas stores (cabinet) in five years. Secondly, active and innovative technology platforms to high-end development. Take the brand, rounded out the high-end market in the West, Chinese shoes certainly future development direction. In 2004, ֣�㿵 spend 10 million yuan, signed a cooperation agreement with the UK's global footwear certification body SATRA SATRA certified footwear design world-class R & D center established in the country, Cornell also started from the implementation of a standard to the transformation of the role of international trade in technology makers. cheap nike jordan high heels As the first crystallization of cooperation, August 28, 2006, Cornell completely independent intellectual property rights of international leading core technology of high-end global market at the "Business Shushi" shoes. Third, to achieve pin estate strategy to break into the local mainstream business district. Ussuriysk park mode the next step will be copied in Latin America, Africa and other places, and take the road of "origin". But that is only through the establishment of overseas production bases dodge the art since 1989, after the end of the Tour of Italy study tour ֣�㿵 convinced that only makes the shoe more technical content, sell more expensive, the company goes far. He admitted to reporters, Cornell is currently on the international market, efforts to change the exploration of Chinese leather shoes brand - Cornell positioning in the international market, targeting the women jordan high heels on sale upscale market, never involved in a price war. Cornell cheap women jordan 23 high heels shoes in the the overseas average retail price of $ 60, the highest price reached $ 200. The Cornell group vice president Zheng Jasmine revealed overseas to buy 70% of Cornell's shoes are foreigners, Cornell also specifically for erection of the research department for foreigners foot wear, designed for foreigners shoes. Cornell overseas markets mainly in Europe and the United States, but with the accelerated process of global economic integration, and its network of overseas markets will continue to expand the business is expanding in Asia, Africa and other regions, Cornell was prepared to increase the pioneering efforts of the East Asian market . Stick strategy overseas, to find a new growth point for Cornell Cornell is leading more small and medium enterprises in Wenzhou "going out".֣�㿵 said, China must have a number of international-known nike high heels brand, which is to enhance the overall image of Chinese shoes, the only way to change women nike air max high heels sale online China's footwear industry big but not strong "status quo. It is reported that Cornell have acquired a number of companies in Italy, Spain, and the rapid growth of the number of stores in the future.

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