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Concrete mixer's work and maintenance

Posted by maysummer

Concrete mixer’s work actually is a very simple process, as long as you pay attention to small details, the operation is very simple. But if you do not pay attention to the small details, the trouble will come to you. What are the small details, I will give you explaination.

Firstly, you should check each part of the concrete mixer before work, this is an indispensable step. If you find that there is potential safety hazard or not normal work place, you must timely maintain and update it. Then, you should check if the placement of concrete mixer is smooth and the power supply connection is correct. Inspect all that need to add lubricating oil part are added, especially the the power supply voltage fluctuation amplitude, no more than 5% of the rated. motors and electrical components of the connection must be firm, protective earthing zero or grounding resistance should comply with the regulations

Secondly, or work, you must let concrete mixer go for idle running for a while, to observe everything is normal, if normal, began to put material, the speed of putting material is not too slow or too fast. The operating personnel must pay attention to safety when putting materials.The cylinder should not be overloaded.

Thirdly, after work, check the concrete mixer and ensure it clean. If mixer temporarily doesn't work, you should do a good weather, lightning protection work, the power supply must be pulled out in case of water.

Above all is some common knowledge about concrete mixer’work before, in and after. We need to know some details, hoping it can help to users!

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