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Competition during the winter training

Posted Jan 16 2013 7:19am
Chinese coach, keep up with the season two of Guizhou and Shanghai Shen Xin Chinese coaches (Gao Hongbo and Zhu Jiong) teaching-related, they have their own characteristics, to a lot of investors ' confidence and inspiration. Chinese supra society uk coach as long as the purpose and action can do, given enough patience and support, I believe there will be good results of domestic coach appears.

Foreign aid, new aid El Puerto Barrios and Derksen, Muric, Conca, Jin Yingquan 5 were all back, almost certainly, evergrande had half a season on foreign aid is the 5 people. Zhongwei Pallan is currently moving regression last year Brazil domestic League, Cleo and before Japan Club "returns" Ruggiero, Renato is confronted with "live" issue. "We have been carefully considering the way out of these two players, operations have now more or less, they will definitely have the ball. But they are back to Brazil or to stay at home, there is no conclusion. "Liu yongzhuo said.

Then turning to the sea embankment in preparation for the Beijing Guo an team, as Director of the Guoan youth team, Yang Pu Stannow and national security victory warm-up might be able to make more sense. "Tullow usually is an international language, even with gestures to express, now there should be no barriers to communication.

Competition during the winter supra skytop iii sale training, mainly running team, winning or losing does not necessarily have a big impact. After all, foreign aid is not complete, but also did not participate in official competitions. Before Scouting young players and less competition from the inside players, game testing their strength, this is very helpful.
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