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Cleaning method for cloth shoes

Posted Nov 17 2012 1:55am
    People prefer single product, canvas for shoes because it is both comfortable and easy-matching. But maintenance is too much trouble, and today China Clean portal leads you to learn about how to care for and clean canvas shoes!

    The canvas shoes is not easy to take care of the fabric like leather shoes. canvas shoes men We need to care about some of the muddy water in the road, try not to avoid sharp objects such as nails, wire scratch.

    We can use cleaning rag to clean dust on the surface, do not use a wet rag, otherwise it will become more dirty.

    Cleaning canvas shoes, we can put shoes in 3% saline for 3-4 hours. Then perspiration, juice and other stains can be easily washed off. After soaking, please wash shoes with detergent. Especially dark color shoes should not be brushed forced fiercely, it is easy to decolorization.

    Canvas shoes after being cleaned should be dry naturally in the shade, color canvas shoes not  exposure under the sun or high temperature, so that it is not easy to cause fading, still unglued cracking.

    Light colors, especially white canvas shoes, we should try to use clean soapy water because residual excessive detergent is easy to let the shoes turn yellow, you can also pour some white vinegar, which has purpose of the alkaline detergent. At the same time, you'd better use clean toilet paper or paper towels to wrap inside and outside of the canvas shoes, not so dry after the yellow mark appears!

    Canvas shoes of poor ventilation, high temperatures in the spring and summer, little attention will breed bacteria, shoe emits a pungent odor. Shoe odor is actually due to the metabolites in a hot and humid environment, the bacteria multiply, so to find a shoe does not smell, and ultimately want is to do the cleaning work!

    (1) change socks and wash feet;

    (2) more than two pairs of canvas shoes for wearing;

    (3) put shoes ventilated place, sprinkle some white vinegar or white wine, dry naturally.

    Shoes contaminated with some special stains is difficult to remove, try these remedies.

    Ballpoint pen stains: stained with toothpaste or alcohol with a clean rag and gently rub the stain partial or with a soft brush, brush lightly.

    Rust stains: with 5% acetic acid, soaked in lemon juice directly applied to the stain at can be very easy to remove rust.
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