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Childhood taught us to air max 1 uk wear clothes tie his shoe

Posted Nov 17 2012 2:16am
And not bought their clothes are flat hair. Hey, this is a great age, is day really die. I do ah. Dad, you worked hard.My mother is like this, every day in the pig. Her for what, we always said she was a waste of money, not to do business. Day saw her asleep, lying in bed, not mind the taste ah. Did not sleep at night in order to work, because the pig ah. So she did not empty sleeping wrinkles in the face, has air max bw vt sale she experienced many years, and I go or do not know how to feel for her. Mother's day is summer in a barn, too, is also a barn over the winter. Summer heat, sweating profusely, I was hiding in the air conditioning at home playing computer. You said I was not sour. The older so big. Mom you worked hard.

Day see sister married a cry. Why ah, parents of small to large feeds us. Childhood were spent in his father's shoulders cart basket. Spent in her mother's arms. Childhood taught us to air max 1 uk wear clothes, tie his shoe. To send us to school, the Primary Secondary until today. They still busy in the positions of their own, and the trouble of the busy. You are working hard.November 4, the day I could say. I forget this day. See this topic, I want to write down these facts. Although not move people, but all is real ... I was a trainee staff Geely Dorsett coating the factory PVC glue team. After about a year of working hours in the team, some knowledge of the team of production costs, and reduce the team cost of production some insights.
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