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cheap nfl jerseys check the country's history in Luzon

Posted Dec 13 2012 7:27am
   Luzon, the country's history can be traced back to 600 years before Tianyuan, eleven hundred years of history. Many islands in the Southern Ocean, it is the only one the formation of the centralized state region, and about 616 years Tianyuan form feudal state. Luzon formed feudal country with a lot of limitations, and very unstable, often some trivial the sesame garlic leather like hitting pieces fall back into the division and war. in the past thousand years, the number of Luzon State skelter reached twenty times its once-mighty, so Sihai town service, also used the war endlessly, weak vulnerable.
    cheap nfl jerseys check the country's history in Luzon Luzon existence the powerful totalitarian country, the longest life dynasties are less than a hundred years, the vast majority of the dynasty, only 30 to 50 years time, the coup in this country it is the order of the day, those who are hoarding army generals often the pioneers of the next dynasty, which also makes Luzon State ruled very weird is that the rulers are absolute military origin, not been a soldiers is impossible to survive in this chaotic land.
    Due to historical reasons, the the Luzon country's population is also seems a roller coaster change where fertile land, rich natural resources, making the birth rate several times higher compared to other regions, in times of peace, the reproduction rate of the population is very fast time can be doubled in a decade or two. but in the era of the war, the population here is also reduced very quickly, because the ruler here more than elsewhere rulers understand that he can not have too absolutely can not let others get the truth, including population, resources, and those who can not control the population, even kill all the longer hesitate, absolutely not
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