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Chandler-Parsons appears

Posted Mar 08 2013 8:40am
Last game, rockets attacks completely destroying the Mavericks ' defensive positions, the team hit 57.5%, Trey hits 41.2% and 40 free throws. "When you lost 137 cheap adidas rose 3.0  points or 136 minutes time, I am concerned about is no longer the team had their own offensive problems. "Carlisle said after today's training was completed in the team," defense is our primary problem, we must do a better job of that, especially in the third section. We  lebron 9 ps elite for sale can no longer let Chandler-Parsons appears, he really is a great player, hit all 11 times before shooting, that gave the team a very big confidence. ”
Union fish belly xinaoerlianghuangfeng, Lakers from the beginning of the game did not account for any cheaper, opponents at both ends of the Court's positive performance for "old" Lakers struggle, coupled with yesterday and adidas rose 773 for sale ekelahemaleiting fight back too much, so in the physical strength of the Lakers in today's game prematurely lit the red light was not surprising.
Eh? Oh, Oh, you mean the physical training! Really thank you! "Kobe seemed to forget such a thing. "Don't get me wrong, when did you practice to end? "Robert went on to ask. End? I did kobe 7 elite for sale not stop from that time to the present, completed a total of 800 shots, "Bryant said this sentence, faces without a trace of passion. On the side, Robert's jaw had almost fell to the ground.
Then harden is a getaway. Although his shot felt good, but when Lin Shuhao handed him the ball, and beard was clearly drawn, 8 minutes and 11 seconds, harden nike zoom kobe 7 for sale investment and personal in this second of three points, but then he is getting out of hand. 4 minutes and 35 seconds, dribbling to advance to the top of the arc, a defender did draw three hits, 2 minutes and 15 seconds.
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