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CD 1

Posted Jul 22 2008 12:00am
Today is officially CD 1. AF came just in the nick of time. 15 days from today is the first day back at school. So my IUI should fall, if all goes right, on the 14th day which makes things ok.

Praise Jesus!

As long as I go in and they say that things look ok on Day 13!!! I hope my follicles grow as quickly and as big as they did for my first IUI. If not, then, I will be in some pretty big trouble at work. (And I am NOT putting another cycle on the back burner!)

Today is Tuesday. On Thursday, which is CD 3, I have my RE appointment to get my ultrasound to check to see if the cyst is gone, and that he took any of his buddies with him. Please pray for me that they don't find any more cysts so I can go on with my IUI #2. I think I will go crazy if they tell me I have to wait it out for another cycle again.

I am hoping this is the one. My RE told me, when he told me that we would need to start IUI treatments, that he thinks we have a 90% chance of getting pregnant from 3 cycles of IUI. So I am doing the math, which means that there was about a 30% chance IUI #1 would work. It didn't. So now we have a 60% chance of IUI #2 working??? Is that how it works???

And I am pray, pray, praying that we not only get pregnant, but we are pregnant with twins. I am getting greedy with this waiting thing.
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