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Can't win for losing

Posted Mar 26 2006 12:00am

Whatever that phrase means.

This afternoon Bart was going to do an evangelism training (to which Tony responded, “Vandalism training? You’re doing VANDALISM training). He took Rand and Jimmy with him so I had only six kids at home, and we could all fit in the van.

I figured out this morning why Bart isn’t as positive as I am -- he doesn’t get to hear his own sermons. The hymns and songs he chooses as well as his sermons for worship ALWAYS have me leaving with a sense of hope, faith, and a renewed spirit.

Anyway, after church we left. I couldn’t stand a repeat of yesterday. We went to see Nanny McPhee, which i thought was worth seeing. A quote for her reminded me of our presence in kids lives. She said, ”As long as you need me, but don’t want me, I have to stay. When you want me, but don’t need me, I’ll have to go.“

Here’s the can’t win for losing deal. I was walking through the theatre so proud of myself. We had done lunch for $24. 7 of us eating for $24 is pretty cheap. Movie plus snacks at the cheap theatre was less than $40. That’s a pretty cheap afternoon for our family. Until I realized that at some point in the afternoon $60 fell out of my pocket and is now gone.

So when we’re low on money, I have to lose some. Stupid, stupid me.

But even for $100, I’d pay that not to have a repeat of yesterday and it looks like that my plan is working...

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