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Can't let "health products" talk down again

Posted Apr 10 2012 7:35am

February 29, and March 5,, the food and drug administration has issued by local regulators to internal notice, bulletin detected the lead, the arsenic exceeds the 13 home "unqualified" spirulina production enterprise and content (content, which contains things--downtown note) fraud 8 home fish oil production enterprise list. The two list by the media after exposure, causing general public opinion attention, several things in enterprise receives Beijing "public relations".
So, on March 30 day morning, the food and drug administration announced "the newest" sampling observation results show that, the original "black list" of the 13 home "unqualified" spirulina production enterprise with only 1 home the product is unqualified, and original content of fraud 8 home products into three for fish oil fake products, and the rest of the product check has not been released.
Therefore, on April 9, the economic reference newspaper published the spirulina products report about the administration's fight because of the enterprise a public relations "reported that two very different sampling inspection results, the food and drug administration's credibility will be damaged.
Look at this report, don't know how others, their very sad: like we such a big country food and drug supervision and management at the highest level also has "suspect", so, again in the future food and drug problems, we can also seek? And still can believe who!
It is skillful, a few days ago on a financial TV programs also saw the xinhua news agency spirulina products to declare the health agency company of investigations survey. When you follow the reporter investigations of the camera into some help health care product declare intermediary company, will let you feel whether the old man or his home body to fill again, also do not believe that those under cover of the so-called "health products". In this piece of "magic" land, for some people, not he can't do, only you could not think.

For example, according to the product standards, cannot have a composition, but he declare products contains the ingredients are, how to do? Intermediary company personnel will be quick to tell the declaration, this is good to do, the report not to fill this composition is-you do not think this is write a review of the people in take it for granted, this is the xinhua news agency reported the public not long ago, he was in a financial video program to see with my own eyes (picture) and own ears I heard (sound). At that time the sense that gives a person, be don't know how much we still have the quality of health care products are qualified? In some countries it should be retained by the agency "get brick" experts there, as long as made let him satisfactory costs, you want to take your product declaration into anything.
The so-called health products, are mostly old man and body in sub-health "filling body". However, you all thought, you are to eat or drink down on the "health products", to your body not only lose any "repair" effect, very likely give your body cause a new hazard. This to consumers, this is what kind of damage.
Ordinarily, a product to declare, natural to qualified experts and by designated by the state department to strict "acceptance", and the declaration, it can only be health products manufacturers relevant personnel. However, do not know from when on, we become a "public relations" nation, as if to make what want to rely on public relations, so all kinds of "intermediary company" popping up emitted, but these people, from all kinds of case has exposure to see, except it moralizing, and even what is illegal discipline is self-evident. I believe that when you see the reporter investigations of those video, you can have a kind of be our some regulators cheated, you don't even also not the wish to go.
In view of this, we can't let "health products" again so suddenly down. We have the reason to call for, should take this "opportunity" for some of the departments responsible for the supervision responsibilities, whether it be the level to which) including some irresponsible and even has lost the conscience of experts, shall be investigated for their dereliction of duty, to get people to our country health products quality of faith.

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