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came from the countryside to the air max bw uk President later Encircling the cities

Posted Dec 06 2012 6:42am
Hawk, fish shallow Xiang. Mao Zedong independent mountain head, look to the other end of the mountain, pointing country. He is not never failed, failed day fragment, from time to time turned out, from time to time playback, he would remember the failure. Let him Endeavour unremitting power, that is powerful testimony to her success, his sweat and tears compose songs! His heart at this time excited, watching a spark gradually since, looking at the mountains and rivers of the motherland's reunification, looking at the people cheering magpie jump and laugh tears, his tears. Ah! The people who came from the countryside to the air max bw uk President later. Encircling the cities from the countryside, from the starting of the Long March ended ... everything that does not contain the bitterness Ferghana; This is the wind, the rain, which is light, this is hot! Footsteps do not know, the wind the rainstorm halted, light tingling in the eye, thermal burns skin. All this, will usher in victory; he knows it all, are for tomorrow, a better tomorrow for millions of people and the masses! Thinking and he tears.

You will feel the wind, feel the sea, feel the sun, Memorial and earth repeat sadness. No person is not experienced rain only to see the rainbow of life given to the growth of wind and rain are light and heat, we are to grasp the autumn fruit contemplation. Autumn fruit on the trees, the fans eyes light thermal wind and rain, with a grateful heart, laughed quietly, quietly tears.Qiushi contemplation under a tree I mens nike air max 95 understand the mature experience the true meaning of life. No wind, I do not know how to change the true meaning of all things; rain I never know how to precious Clear Skies; no light, I do not know how the pursuit of power; no heat, I never understand the feelings of the rich. Under the tree I cried and laughed, the Qiushi the meditation, the church I grew up.
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