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by placing newspaper on the floor or

Posted Nov 28 2012 7:27am
Set up a work area by placing newspaper on the floor or on a table. Set two small bowls or basins to the side of your work area. Pour plain cold water into one of the bowls. In the second bowl, pour in the sheepskin-safe cleaning solution. Dilute the solution with water as instructed by the manufacturer. Place the ugg boots clearance on the workspace. Dip the sponge into the cold water. Squeeze out a majority of the water so that the sponge is moist and not overly wet. Dampen the entire surface of the Ugg boots with the moist sponge. Dip a second sponge into the diluted cleaner. Squeeze out excess liquid. Gently scrub the footwear with the dampened sponge ugg boots clearance vuntil the entire surface is clean. Do not aggressively scrub the surface, however, as sheepskin is easily damaged. Rinse the boots under cold running water in a sink. Wring out or shake off any excess water. Lightly stuff the inside of each uggs on sale with newspaper to help them hold their shape. Place the Ugg boots outside to dry. Avoid placing the boots in direct sunlight. Allow the boots to air dry completely. Bring the dry Ugg back in the house. Raise the nap by brushing the surface of the boots in one direction with a suede brush. Remove the newspaper from the ugg boots clearance. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of cornflour and 1 teaspoon of baking soda into each boot to deodorize and soften. Allow the mixture to remain in the boots overnight. Shake out the powder to remove.
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