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But as young dropsy evinced no symptoms of returning

Posted Jul 31 2012 2:14am
     ??‘I should rayther ha’ thought, to look at you, that  nike high heels  you was a-labourin’ under an unrequited attachment to some young ’ooman,’
     ??said Sam.
     ??The fat boy shook his head.
     ??‘Vell,’ said Sam, ‘I am glad to hear it. Do you ever drinkanythin’?’
     ??‘I likes eating better,’ replied the boy.
     ??‘Ah,’ said Sam, ‘I should ha’ s’posed that; but what I mean is,should you like a drop of anythin’ as’d warm you? but I s’pose younever was cold, with all  nike heels  them elastic fixtures, was you?’
     ??‘Sometimes,’ replied the boy; ‘and I likes a drop of something,when it’s good.’
     ??‘Oh, you do, do you?’ said Sam, ‘come this way, then!’
     ??The Blue Lion tap was soon gained, and the fat boy swallowed aglass of liquor without so much as winking―a feat whichconsiderably advanced him in Mr. Weller’s good opinion. Mr.
     ??Weller having transacted a similar piece of business on  nike high heels  his ownaccount, they got into the cart.
     ??‘Can you drive?’ said the fat boy. ‘I should rayther think so,’
     ??replied Sam.
     ??‘There, then,’ said the fat boy, putting the reins in his hand, andpointing up a lane, ‘it’s as straight as you can go; you can’t miss it.’
     ??With these words, the fat boy laid himself affectionately downby the side of the cod-fish, and, placing an oyster-barrel under  ugg boots clearance  hishead for a pillow, fell asleep instantaneously.
     ??‘Well,’ said Sam, ‘of all the cool boys ever I set my eyes on, thishere young gen’l’m’n is the coolest. Come, wake up, youngdropsy!’
     ??But as young dropsy evinced no symptoms of returninganimation, Sam Weller sat himself down in front of the cart, andstarting the old horse with a jerk of the rein, jogged steadily on,towards the Manor Farm.
     ??Meanwhile,  ugg boots clearance  Mr. Pickwick and his friends having walked theirblood into active circulation, proceeded cheerfully on. The pathswere hard; the grass was crisp and frosty; the air had a fine, dry,bracing coldness; and the rapid approach of the gray twilight(slate-coloured is a better term in frosty weather) made them lookforward with pleasant anticipation to the comforts which awaitedthem at their hospitable entertainer’s. It was the sort  ugg boots clearance  of afternoonthat might induce a couple of elderly gentlemen, in a lonely field,to take off their greatcoats and play at leap-frog in pure lightnessof heart and gaiety; and we firmly believe that had Mr. Tupman atthat moment proffered ‘a back,’ Mr. Pickwick would have acceptedhis offer with the utmost avidity.
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