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Busy Time

Posted Feb 10 2013 11:27am
This time of the year becomes quite busy around here!

First we had Liam's SEVENTH birthday on January 30!  I can't believe he's actually SEVEN!  I know parents always say this, but I just don't know where the time has gone.  Seems like just yesterday we were a foster family, now we're a forever family and have been for quite some time.

Liam has overcome so very much in his young life.  More than most of us have ever experienced.  And although he is still behind in many educational/social ways, he has a bright outlook and meets challenges head on.  I so look up to him!

For his birthday dinner Liam chose summer sausage, crackers, cheese, orange pop, and brownies.  :)

He was given a few special gifts and was very thankful for each of them!

And his favorite?  I think it had to be the cheese popcorn and nacho cheese Doritos!  What can I say? The kid LOVES his cheese and chips! :)

A few days later we celebrated both boys' birthdays with cake and ice cream and a family of friends.  They love the Avengers so I found this topper on Amazon, happened upon the cake the day of the celebration, and the rest was on clearance for about 50 cents each! :)

Then on February 7 we celebrated Braeden turning NINE!  Is it even possible!?

For his birthday dinner he chose pancakes, bacon, butterbeer, and chocolate brownie ice cream. :)

I made butterbeer over the summer but wasn't happy with that recipe.  This one was MUCH better and SO EASY too!  RECIPE found HERE.

He received a few special gifts as well.

But I think his FAVE was from Grandma!  And guess what I got to do today... put it together! :)

This weekend has been a bit more relaxing.  All three of the kids are now on "odds."  For half the year they are all three odd or even numbers.  And currently they are each 7, 9, and 11.  In another two months we will add Macy to our list of odds when she turns 3! :)  No news yet in the adoption front but I'm hoping that we'll hear soon that we were submitted to IBESR which will be our first big step!
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