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Blackfoot ShiBan Peter distress

Posted Mar 15 2013 9:46am
Better an open enemy than a false friend, better an open enemy than a false friend. For flash, flash new in the jungles of muscle may be a piece of cake, but face suddenly appear black feet is still small-scale operations. Derrick Rose Shoes Away from 92 96 defeat at hawks yesterday, lakers, kobe Bryant in front of the black feet Jones, fell to the last seconds before the game. Mrs Black feet allowed the lakers to compensate enough and fold soldier hawks defender Jones could be honest too, but for the lakers and Bryant caused serious influence. First of all, the lakers have won four straight just before, it should be their five-game winning streak good time, but the team lost the ball at such a juncture. And, more importantly, the lakers are in the playoffs yet critical period, Adidas Basketball Adidas Basketball if you really want to fight in the absence of kobe Bryant, the loss will be immeasurable. Even Spain back center pau gasol, I'm afraid is also unhelpful. Severity "the ankle, reminds me of the 2000 playoffs that once." Bryant said. "the next play? This time, I really don't know." It is not hard to see, Adidas Basketball Shoes flash the ankle does not light. In hospital after an mri scan, Peter's ankle was swollen like a steamed bread even. Next the lakers will continue to stay in eastern combat, challenges of the walkers. Black feet enough black who should be responsible for Bryant did not too much later struggle with Jones's "shoes", he told the media: "I would rather believe that he didn't mean it." But in his twitter, Bryant still expressed dissatisfaction with the judges, "the dangerous action, is a foul should have been." As if the other party, Jones does not intend to "less",he will soon be on twitter, pointing to kobe: "the legs collision, with defensive player of the physical contact, to be blown offensive foul, this was the NBA's two years ago to change rules, shut up!" According to Jones, the referee didn't blow Bryant an offensive foul. Then fans are the idea to kobe Bryant "pick" on twitter, the xia nu, replied: "he (Jones) you want to do, have half a brain can understand this, Cheap Adidas Shoes I just don't want such a thing to happen with the other players." Be worth what carry is, Jones and kobe Bryant at an early age is an issue. The western conference finals lakers nuggets war in 2009, Jones in defending an obvious cheval-de-frise down kobe, coincidentally it is also a leg clash. Black soft rib foot enough malicious a feet chuai the lakers Jones black feet whether intentional, may also is up for debate, but the whole don't give force, is a real fact. If it were not for the rest of the team, Bryant will not give risks. It the lakers' shooting 39.1% and 27.6% on threes are far below the eagle team, before have been well clark and Nash all misfiring, scored 10 points only Howard didn't also can contribute more in terms of scoring; Bench is none players in double figures, the 6 players in double figures and hawks comprehensive performance form bright contrast. Although against the thunder beat the jazz, the lakers still preserves the first eight places, but a defeat, or haven't solve exposed the team this season's biggest weakness. This season, the lakers on the road only 12-21, Adidas Shoes For Men ranked 17th league. Play winning on the road in more than 50% of the team, they only won 2 games. Warriors and the nets. In addition, the rest of the 16 games all loss. Asked if the lakers can barely keep the first eight, also has a recover Bryant, such as they hit a road teams into a soft persimmon, into the playoffs again what for? Our reporter Zhang Zhengyang
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