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Biting My Tongue -- The Hardest Part of Having Adult Children at Home

Posted Jan 04 2010 12:00am

John blew off everything today. He said he had a psych eval that was court ordered. He told me that he had asked me to put it on the calendar. There was nothing there and I have no recollection of him asking me too. I told him he should get up adn call her first thing this morning and I left for the office.

Not only didn't he call her, he didn't go to school either.

I called and couldn't help but loudly express my dissatisfaction. Then I called back to apologize.

I hate standing back and watching kids make poor choices, but I hate enabling more than anything. He continuously tries to make me feel guilty for not doing something or other when it is all his responsibility. I told him to man up today.

I told him that if he wasn't going to be in school he couldn't be home. Told him he couldn't lie on my couch all day. I still don't think he got up.

Makes my blood boil. I know what is best is for me to be a non-anxious presence who parents with love and logic and doesn't even remind him and lets him experience natural consequences.

But I'm no good at that.

Could someone please just shut me up?

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