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Because big foreign aid disadvantaged

Posted Dec 05 2012 4:00am
Sober analysis, the Shanghai team and not really out of the Woods, Arinas also cannot be played, can only use foreign aid against the opponent's double foreign aid. Liu Wei understand responsibilities, "as the veteran players, take some more, is very normal thing. "The next challenge away in Xinjiang and Shanxi men's basketball team, continues to be a difficult test, Liu Wei said:" only to put in more effort, we will make every effort to show.

In and Shanghai team of competition in the, maidi assists breakthrough shooting penalty basket CAP, from mens nike air max 95 attack to defense impeccable, he of data is perfect of, but teammate of performance is bad of, no ext support, and defense does not in place, and passing errors lot, play competition maidi suffered 18 times violations, and repeatedly nearly injured, but even maidi such attracted each other defense, teammate also is cannot scored.

Because big foreign aid disadvantaged, Mbemga maidi appearances the rest of the second section, Qingdao teams tend to play very passive. Does not extension replaced foreign aid under the current situation, Qingdao team seemed to expect and accept this jiongzhuang. In particular, maidi, often driven by virtue of section of calculated to assist teammate teams and competitors forming stalemate, then sat on the bench with iconic XING song and see the teams in the second section of bog down, often half, have lagged behind the two-digit number at the end.

Yesterday, the sources claimed, maidi outburst couldn't rush team-mate: "I'm tired of losing, I have come here cheap nike air max 97 hyperfuse to win, rather than as it is today. We played very hard, but we have to be more clever, now since I started, each of us must act to make some changes. I believe that later in the game, we will be able to regain.
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