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Beauty: miss pau gasol and kobe Bryant pick and attachment of warcraft Peter without electricity

Posted Dec 11 2012 6:14am
At 110-117 loss to the jazz, "warcraft" Howard and "xia" kobe Bryant "attachment" is not successful, the lakers insider performance is not ideal, this let a person especially miss pau gasol. With the lakers team reporter mike - LuDeEr, it said, "pau gasol before his injury, kobe Bryant and pick-and-roll was very successful, Kobe 7 Shoes but in pau gasol after injury, kobe Bryant and Howard but can't find the rhythm." The lakers' 110-117 loss at Utah, encounter two straight. The lakers insider performance is not ideal, "warcraft" Howard although grabbed 16 rebounds, but only 11 points, the starting line-up jamison only get three points. Scored 17 points and nine rebounds Jordan - hill and can't cover up the lakers inside whole hair force of reality. Although the lakers once the small gap to 5 points, but before but they dig down hole is too big. In the first quarter, the jazz will gain the initiative. By the end of today and the lakers before the game, the jazz in December off averaging 110 points per game while shooting 50% from 3-point, up to 47%. And the lakers' after the match began, jazz lasted for such a state, in the first three minutes before, Utah to eight points ahead of the lakers. In kobe Bryant and CiShiPing returned after, the lakers gradually catch the jazz. See this scene, the lakers team with reporter mike - LuDeEr, said: "in the first four shots 0, 3 Kobe VII turnovers, the lakers started counterattack: Bryant first three points after a record, and cheat mo Williams jump made foul penalty." Although the lakers coach, dandong before said "hope to see Howard can be more in the cover to the basket after moving," but until the first quarter with two points, 13 seconds, Howard at el - Jefferson off for the first time after scoring, and he contrapuntal Jefferson scored 6 points, but early to see Howard condition is not ideal, beauty remember Steve arum can't help in the push, top write a way: "Dwight - Howard still on the pitch?" The first quarter, the lakers big striker Jordan - hill performance good, in addition to get 6 points, he also gave Bryant a brain pass, such performance has also ushered in the praise, "Jordan - hill continue to win his playing time, he not only hit three remember shooting, and send out a assists," the lakers team with reporter mike - especially in the LuDeEr push, wrote. In the first half, Howard and kobe Bryant with very few, "attachment" also is not successful, see this scene, beauty remember jarod - Rudolf, said "I don't know why the lakers chose not to let Bryant and Howard play two fit." The lakers team with reporter mike - LuDeEr, said: "in pau gasol injury before, kobe Bryant and pau gasol pick-and-roll played automatics, but in pau gasol after injury, kobe Bryant and Howard are just can't find the rhythm." In the second quarter, jazz backup center the face the Kobe 7 Cheetah lakers bench inside can claim, in 6 minutes, he made all four get eight points, see this scene, the Salt Lake City BBS news reporter bill - Mr Lamb said: "this may be you do not think of, the in 6 minutes time made all 4. The lakers need to respond to it." See the rest in Howard in the lakers do the basket, the lakers team with reporter mike - especially LuDeEr not remembered the pau gasol, "when healthy, the lakers have pau gasol is the basket and Howard protection area. But tonight, (when pau gasol injured truce, Howard getting a rest) the has four shots in all eight points." The third quarter with 6 minutes and seconds, jazz for attack into, the lakers are not attack several times. This time, grab the offensive rebounds CiShiPing played jazz a unprepared. Three points line outbound ball when activated, the kindness flat impact the basket, but jazz is unattended, CiShiPing easily get two points, see this scene, the Salt Lake City BBS news reporter bill - Mr Lamb is very angry, "el - Jefferson didn't see CiShiPing come over? The latter from 25 feet (7.62 meters) the process to the basket and Jefferson did not help a secondary meaning." Kobe 7 USA The last section, the jazz it sweeps the backup center, Jordan - hill took him there is no way, so that they may return to Howard, this also let attention game ESPN Los Angeles station reporter's card much easier, "hill is concerned, the too high and strong, and Howard finally come back." But Howard a person cannot help to solve the defensive problems, according to the reporter said, this time, sitting on the sidelines pau gasol and Nash chat of time double eyebrow frowning. To say the lakers the positive side, like beauty remember Jennings - kyle said that, "tonight jazz didn't cut huo. Tonight, Howard only two free throws, free throws times."
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