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BCP......almost gone

Posted Jul 12 2008 12:00am
I'm down to the last pink row of my BCP! Yea!!!

I am on CD 19!!! That means I will be done with the pinks by the end of next week and ready to start the placebos. I'm excited to be done with this BCP crap and onto my period so I can (re)start IUI #2. I hope beyond hope that when I go in this time for my CD 3 ultrasound that there are no cysts to be found.

I have been praying very hard for twins from this IUI. Is that selfish? The reasons are because: 1. If it takes us that long to get pg then I want to get a 2 for 1 deal to jump start our family, and 2. We are so "baby crazy" that I'd like to have one for each of us to hold so we can get our baby fix! HAHA! No seriously, I know I'd be lucky to have 1 baby so I am happy with whatever I get (not to mention I know multiples are not a walk in the park). It just sure would be nice.....

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