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Barcelona after the game against

Posted Nov 26 2012 3:41am
After this service, Benzema is also chasing Trezeguet, became the champions scored the second in the history of the France players, just in front of his entry into the 50-ball for Henry, Benzema is young, there are opportunities beyond Henry. In European competitions, Benzema at Real Madrid have made 17 balls, Emilio BUTRAGUENO and wuge·sangqiesi, 10 ranks before entering the Club.

Barcelona La masilla Green Camp is famous in the world, but in the United Kingdom, Southampton Republika Srpska wood training center is also famous. Southampton in the early 90 's  cheap nike air max 95   was the complete green training system of the earliest clubs in England. Head of youth culture at the Club laisi·LiDE (LesReed) and Director of the Institute of mate·keluoke (MattCrocker), led by Club injected 2.3 million pounds annually to the system in order to maintain its operation.

Barcelona after the game against Spartak Moscow, a video in the heat and mass transfer on the Internet. This soaring hits video, is pretty extraordinary actions A. Iniesta in the corner area, small white down the left with the ball at that time, although the ball back, but he is still be salvaged before the ball out of the bottom line, flapping up first, his right foot the ball gently, to fool opponents.

Manchester City campaign, Real Madrid's Defense began to frequent vulnerability. Li Yuankui: "Real Madrid's defense system is still not of the Mourinho era at Chelsea and inter robust key is missing pin-level rear backbone of Neptune, Pepe feel nike air max 97 hyperfuse sale less and less something. "Zhan Jun ridicule:" Northern derongnanpeipei, unfortunately, DeJongh has gone to AC Milan in the North, today's game have no opportunity to call on the South Pepe. ”
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