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Barbour Jackets Christian Louboutin Shoes Are Back This Season

Posted Dec 18 2012 12:28am
For the uninitiated a Barbour Jacket is a kind of a cotton jacket that is about a little shorter than knee length and has been made water proof by the application of paraffin wax. Barbour jackets also usually have detailing like tartan linings and collars made out of corduroy or even leather. The original jacket was first seen in the end of the nineteenth century when in 1894, John Barbour set up a garment factory in the South Shields area of Britain producing all kinds of work wear from boiler suits to jackets and even underwear. For the longest time, this hard wearing jacket has been a favourite piece of clothing of rural Britishers due to its hardy nature and the water repellent properties of the cotton due to the paraffin waxing treatment that it receives in the manufacturing process. The jackets are also said to be thorn and bramble proof and not prone to ripping which makes them perfect for rural use. In the eighties they became one of the hottest urban trends after some of the trendier royals were spotted wearing them to music festivals and soon all sorts of urban hipsters who had never seen a farm in their lives were sporting these jackets to music festivals and hunts Christian Louboutin High Heels Sale. The onset of the nineties saw the trend for barbour jackets fade. But this past season has once again seen some of Englands biggest rocks stars and foremost fashion icons sporting these jackets in droves Christian Louboutin High Heels Shop. Today you are sure to see hip urban dwellers all over London wearing these jackets about even if they have no intention of ever going near anywhere that could ever be called rural. As the winter sets in and the temperature drops, you can bet that you will see these jackets around more and more. As we go through one of the coldest and most severe winters in known history, the barbour jacket makes the perfect fashionable and comfortable wear to be out and about in this inclement weather, specially when you layer it with a classic jumper and add a stole to the mix Cheap Christian Louboutin On Sale. There are a lot of styles to choose from as well and whether you like to rock it hard core biker style or want to wear one of the more traditional hooded varieties, there are versions that are perfect for you so get yours today. .
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