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Back to School

Posted Aug 28 2007 12:00am
Well we went back to our "normal" routine this morning with Mike starting school again this morning. I know he's excited to get back into teaching-he gets kinda bored towards the end of the summer :) but there are times when I need to mentally prepare for him to go back to school.

Mike is a special ed teacher, so he sees the best and the worst situations possible. Although I know he is an absolutley amazing teacher there are times when he takes things so personally. I can't imagine being in his position-I would probably take things extremely personally as well. He has told me more than once that it's really hard for him to see parents who seem to not care, who never show for meetings, who dress there kids in the same dirty clothes they wore the day before, who dont' sent a lunch with there little one, who forget to pick them up from school.....because then he wonders-how did these people who don't care, who have openly said they never wanted kids in the first place-get so blessed to have one? It makes me wonder as well.

Life is full of questions....most of them only God has the answers to.......But sometimes I wish I was as smart as God :)
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