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as gentle as he Tiji feather shawl Karen Millen

Posted Nov 09 2012 10:38am
Each child had read "The Ugly Duckling" girl grow up hope that he is the swan. Grow up to know is not the back of the wings, will be able to be an angel. So you fell in love with all Karen Millen Multicolor Dresses the clothes decorated with feathers, put a feather cloak you do not consciously straighten the neck, not even the body becomes light. The feathers on the skirt, the shoulder of the wing shield, and you will generate endless romantic Lenovo, wearing an elegant collard skirt, Shenqingruyan walking in the city of steel and concrete, and even walking sway many. This scene is suitable in any scene love movies, incurred others Pina, if fleeting glimpse. Feathers brings unrealistic dream texture, it's beautiful and fragile, light feather Karen Millen One Shoulder Dress floating, had to wear it carefully, gestures than usual in elegant gentle. Since ancient times, concubines they love to dress themselves with rare birds and feathers like a peacock inner desire to open the screen Vying Doo Yeon, attracting the attention of the lover. In that era, the natural feathers is the most ornate decorations. I asked several preference feathers girlfriend, in the end is what makes them endure difficult to clean the conservation of feathers, and repeatedly shot colored feathers clothes. Said there was a very interesting: "When I was eager to embrace, will be put on feathers, like you see a furry cats and dogs can not help but want to reach out and Qubao." Whether it is disguised as a fairy, or a fallen angel, a Karen Millen Solid Color Dresses feather shawl is always gorgeous and practical choice. It always cover your shoulders you Qing Han in each cup streamer night only, more than a man hug warm more permanent.
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