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Apple lost

Posted Jan 08 2013 3:36am
Apple lost " Ha, the rain stopped! I can pick apples for apple pie. " The mother monkey looking out of the window and shouted. She carried a basket, came trotting behind the hill. When she reached the top of the mountain, but found the apples on the tree all take wings to itself. She clearly remembered those big apple yesterday is still hanging on the tree. " Oh, don't! " The mother monkey shouted. " monkey mother, what's the matter? " Passing the gate asked. " My apple was stolen! A person! " The mother monkey said indignantly. Don't worry. Goat said, " I have seen a lot of detective fiction. I can help you find an apple. First of all, we must look for clues. Have a look you to the ground? " The mother monkey looked down at his muddy feet, dejectedly said: " Only mine. " The get into meditation. For a long time, he said excitedly: " I know! No other footprints on the ground, then the thief is not walking, but flying. Maybe the owl. He can be an easy job to fly here, can also take the apple to fly away from the field. " Maybe! The mother monkey said gloomily. " we can go and ask him. " Mother monkey and a goat came to the oil house. " The apple red, looks a lot of juice, must be very delicious, but I didn't steal them. " Said the owl, "you see. My feathers are dry. All day long I have to stay home this picture. " Said the owl, a hanging on the walls of a watercolor. Drawing the pigment has not been completely dry, looks like is a new painting. " You nice, Mr. owl. " Monkey mother praises. Thank you. Owl went on to say. " Maybe you can go to bat. Just now I saw him clothes, and he is all wet. " You're right. Goat agreed to the proposal. " Bats can fly, kc5oen8d and his clothes and wings are wet. All the clues point to him. " The mother monkey and goat came to the bat house. " Your apple red and round, took a lot of juice, must be very UGG boots cheap delicious, but I didn't steal them. " Bats and put a towel hanging on a clothesline and said, " This afternoon I was looking for noodles when, suddenly the sky is a thunder. I a surprised. He overturned the pot, noodles sprinkled everywhere. I have a bath, and washed the clothes clean. " "What should we do now? " The mother monkey asked the goat. Goats have not been answered. His eyes were staring at the boat that sways in the wind tower. Finally, he excitedly exclaimed: "This is the best cue towel. It exposes the real thief. " Who is that. The mother monkey asked. She thinks the towel and not to who. May needs to see more detective stories in goats. Come with me. Said the goat. He and mother monkey quickly returned to the mountain under the apple tree. The mother monkey doesn't know what to do with goats. Goat not to utter a single word, just around the apple tree. Turn a few laps, goat and walk down the hill. Mother uggUGG boots sale boots on sale monkey hurry up. Suddenly, the boat stopped. He bent down, in the weeds and picked up the two apples. Farther down, they found a few apples. " Mr. Goat, how did you find out? " The mother monkey asked excitedly. " Bat towel to remind me. During a heavy rain, windy. The wind is to steal your apple thief. That is to say, of wind blew the apple, then, apple rolled down the hill. " Goat explained. " You are really a detective, Mr. Goat! " The mother monkey applause. "Well, I hadn't read detective novels? " Goat laughs. Monkey mom feels shy smile. Goat continued: "However this case really is a bit tricky. The wind does not leave any tracks. It is a sly thief. " The mother monkey laughed: " However. The wind did not eat my apple. Go, Mr. Goat, invites you to my home to. Don't you want to taste the sweet apple pie? " " Thank you, mother monkey. I got somewhere else to go have a look, perhaps more difficult cases waiting for me to solve! " Then, goat feels oneself highly flattered to go.
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