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Apple iPad is still a dominant in 2012

Posted Apr 13 2012 3:32am

Gartner pointed out the other day, 2012 global Tablet PC Terminal sales volume is projected to reach $ 118.9 million, compared to sales of 60 million 2011, which increased 98%.

IOS of Apple in the Tablet PC operating system market has an dominance, 2012 is expected to be 61.4% of global Terminal sales volume of tablets. Despite Microsoft's system of tablet devices enters to market, During the Gartner forecast period, Apple will continue to maintain a leading position.

Gartner Research Vice President CarolinaMilanesi said: "although personal computer manufacturers and handset makers racing to introduce their products and have their place in the Tablet market, however, except for Apple's iPad, we only found a few examples of success. As manufacturers strive to gain a competitive edge in price, and strive to achieve a difference in hardware or eco-systems, has accumulated inventory, only 60 million global tablet computers sold to consumers. Despite the launch of the new iPad has changed the competitive landscape, but the situation is still not improved in early 2012. ”

Milanesi went on to say: "this year, Apple's competitors are waiting for what Apple will launch the new machine, both in the United States the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) or Mobile World Congress (MWC), only a few manufacturers announce new tablet computer. Many manufacturers in Windows8 when be available, will try to double the platform access market, hope that Microsoft's brand aura to increase their share in the enterprise and consumer markets. ”

Microsoft Tablet this year is expected to reach 4.1% in total global Tablet sales, is expected to rise to 11.8% by the end of 2016. Windows8 will be launched by Microsoft into the Tablet market with the operating system.

Milanesi said: "IT will Windows8 as a good opportunity for enterprises deploying Tablet, because of their familiar operating system for the enterprise, and equipment are also provided by many businesses already familiar with suppliers. This means Windows8 for consumers not only have a strong attraction, IT vendor support for the enterprise provides powerful environment. ”

Foxconn's HR executives recently revealed that Foxconn has received the order of the sixth generation of Apple iPhone5, is expected to release in October of this year. What is more, many iPhone fans have bought many best iphone4 cases on iphone accessories mall

Microsoft greater China CEO Liang Nianjian said want Windows Phone mobile phone initially to the Chinese market in terms of sales than iPhone, more than Android phone from a long-term perspective, become the market leader. Apple and Google are now regarded as smart-phone business growth in China the next source. Expected in 2012 China will become the world's largest smart phone market.

Gartner analysts said, by 2015, the tablet computer market sales volume is about 35% of total sales of Tablet. But this does not make it clear that procurement for the enterprise. More and more consumers are using individual Tablet PCs in the workplace, Gartner expects companies will allow tablet computers become part of the programme of employees to purchase their own equipment.

Milanesi said: "this move will hit some lock Enterprise Tablet market vendors, so that consumers are interested in reducing the products. This situation is just like RIM will have to face competition in the Smartphone market. But the difference is, flat start to lock customer base, which is general consumers, rather than business users, and consumers rely on apps and services such as the formation of ecological systems to manage the work. If the Tablet is responsible for deployment by enterprise IT departments, we believe Windows8 will enjoy advantages in the future such as the operating system, but only if you want to plate needed to use those products are able to combine the ease of use. ”

2012 Android Tablet sales are expected to reach 31.9% in total Tablet sales Gartner analysts, Android Tablet's main problem is the lack of applications that can be applied to the plate and give full play to their abilities. Gartner survey shows that consumers install a number of different apps on their phones and tablets.

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