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Anthony 100 % in 16 points champion eye-catching dream ten conquer Tunisia

Posted Aug 01 2012 3:45am

Team USA while in the group stage of your Olympics to the 110-63 conquer Tunisia, start since Liangzhanliangsheng.

Kevin - Durant 70 013 points, 10 rebounds and five assists, and Carmelo Anthony - , 60,011 minutes of playing time 6 from 6 in 16 points, James - Harden 10 points and Chris Paul - 50012 , Russell - Westbrook 11 points. Draft pick Anthony - Davis shot 5, all from your alley-oop dunk, added 12 points, Kobe Bryant - Bryant 130 000 dozen inside of nine minutes and scored 4 points, LeBron - James hit two goals, too 5 points.

Tunisia while in the partner collapse. This - Luomu De Han scored 22 points, Hadi Dan 11 points, Forsythe Reed.

After a opening, Tunisia to adhere to one principle: Shoot 3s. For Tunisia, they significantly in strength from a disadvantage, just one chance is always to release Bo, one-third of gambling is definitely upset.

Tunisia's tactics at a minimum your initial seven minutes played a job, a slight advantage as soon as the opening, during this section there's 4 minutes 07 seconds, Lei Qige third hit, they exceed 13-12. Heaven, through this section have 1 minute 12 seconds, Lufkin long shot, but Iguodala directly complement buckle succeeded, Westbrook enjoy 3 points, to 21-15 to end your initial section. This concludes with two minutes and 13 seconds, Tunisia couldn't score again.

The vote inside first element of three-pointers in Tunisia, 4 achieved a unique effect, the us . was only 1 weakness outside.

Anthony with the second quarter began, the next hit, Westbrook accompanied by a fast-break layup, the original double-digit benefits 26-15. Tunisia to stick to the one-third line unswervingly this you will find seven minutes, Forsythe, Reed third consecutive hit, chasing the score became 23-29. Nation don't casually third shot, and resolutely to bolster the attack relating to the basket, this section one can find 6 minutes and 16 seconds, Durant steals following break, the basket when suddenly the ball pass to behind a follow-up James your face of your other players with one hand after the ball, leaps split buckle successful, the nation over again achieved double-digit benefits of 33-23. The space relating to the two sides once reached 16 points at halftime, the states leading 46-33.

Tunisia at the conclusion of the first half will yet again hit your third, the primary two three-pointers 7 of 16 shots, 12 shots 2.

U . s . continuously have a very fast attack succeeded, the 3rd type of quarter and A few minutes and 26 seconds, Westbrook steals succeeded immediately after the attack ability, Yiqijuechen immediate concern on the basket, the buckle end connected with a mind to split them 67-36 leading Williams Thereafter shooting accuracy, to flourish the power to 33 points. The us . has always been answerable for the situation, Anthony - Davis buy enable you to play, it the two minutes and 22 seconds, Davis alley-oop dunk, the standing with the credit of the us have 12 players score, they result in 75-41. Davis thereafter twice alley-oop dunk, Tunisia does not have choice but to get the crowd. Ahead 85-47 after three.

Section IV of your James and Kobe Bryant, who didn't play again. Davis Fourth alley-oop dunk, they carry on and expand the extra edge. This section you will find 5 minutes, Lufkin easily succeeded, leading by 45 points to 99-54. Outcome as soon as suspense, Davis fifth succeed still is an alley-oop, Tunisia draft pick vanquish. By Caiping 8.1.2012
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