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And experiencing a downturn at the beginning

Posted Nov 21 2012 7:48am
For Liu Jian, 2012, not only ups and downs on the field, also from the family of romantic, "got married last year, this year has had a son, feels its responsibility has suddenly become big.

The result, two foreign  cheap reebok trainers aid and luoshenbake Keita of Al bin easily disturbed in the defense, home 2:1 eventually won. After the game, Dragon with a smile on my face appeared in a press conference outside the scene, also active demeanor boss Stanoevici shook hands with each other.

Last season, for each player in Qingdao, has starred in a film plot ups and downs. And experiencing a downturn at the beginning of the season with the team, two change the pains outside the joy of the return of the Dragon, pride of three consecutive victories, Baoji moment thrills everyone, have some say. As a captain, as a foreign aid, as a newcomer, this team plays a different role players, each have different feelings, from which we select the Jian, Bruno, Leonardo and song Wenjie, listen to their opinions.

Nobody knows, just a few minutes ago, someone in the room "erupted". Gabriel melkam have complained loudly in English series, "before the unified opinion of you, we know how to play! "At its  reebok zigtech uk coaching staff. "What did he say? This is how old? "Seeing this scene, Chinese players some consternation, asking each other what Mercan said. Dragons outside-after some time, did not make any response, but efforts to control their emotions.
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