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Amazing Music Apps for iOS Devices

Posted Dec 10 2012 9:03am
Christmas is coming, and I don’t know what your plan is, but if you are looking for some fantastic music apps for your iOS devices and want to create amazing rhythm for Christmas, here you are.

1. Freegal Music. Not like the ordinary music apps in App Store, this one can let you access a collection of almost 3 million MP3 songs via your local, subscribing library, totally safe and legal if you concern. With the library card to a Freegal library, you can join the millions of people around the world getting a select number of MP3 downloads courtesy of their local library. Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

2. Music to MP3 Converter. Actually, this one is not installed in your iOS devices like iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, it serves for those devices. It can help convert songs that can’t be played on iOS devices to MP3 and then you certainly can enjoy them on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. So download it from here  if you are interested.

3. Bip. If you like music, not just listening to it but also love creating the rhythm, Bip is a very good choice for you. Considering priced $4.99 in App Store, it must have powerful functions. So now let’s see what makes it worthy?

It can help play, record and perform musical rhythmic patterns. Choose from track templates for quickly creating tracks or spend the time importing and tweaking beats with your own samples. Moreover, it offers hours of creative composing and live performance.

4. Mashup. Released by Waves, yes, I know what you are thinking after seeing Waves, too expensive, right? Well, you get the total rights to decide if you wan to purchase the music app or not. No matter what you are thinking, the price is always high. Because the apps powered by Waves main serve for professional music studios, then the high price may be understandable. Replacing complex, expensive and cumbersome DJ gear like turntables, CDJs, mixers, and PCs, Mashup ($40) on the iPad is a fully operational mobile DJ booth.

5. GarageBand. I bet this is the first music app that most iOS users touch, because it’s one of Apple home-made apps. Just like iMovie and iPhoto, only this app is not free but priced $4.99 in App Store. But it’s worthy, right? Exactly like what Apple describes this app: If you want to learn to play an instrument, write music, or record a song, GarageBand has everything you need.

What do you think? Are they useful to you? Or you are more interested in the  the best music converter for Mac  which can allow you listen to songs under all the formats on your iOS devices?

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