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All-star priority lopez bottom spirit dye-in-the-wood: I'm pride is the traditional center

Posted Feb 18 2013 7:39am
things need to be important, that is the most important thing," in the all star interview, when asked about the Jordan a speech, Bryant responded and said, "lebron also know this. I am sure, for him, as far as possible to win more championship is driven by his motivation, and for me, also is so, I want to give myself to Cheap Air Foamposite One get more (victory and champions). We all knew that, lebron nature also know. This is he wants to convey to our things, and these, it is the incentive keeps me going."Bryant's words, not only good for the "air" clear, also let a person can clear, in the heart of the kobe Bryant, Jordan leaving them the younger generation is the most precious what -- not title, not beautiful performance, not a lot of waiting for beyond the record, also not many memorable moments -- is the spirit of the air. It is this spirit of attachment for victory, let Jordan become ten thousand people look up to the basketball gods; This is also the spirit of attachment for victory, let Jordan left countless worth will always treasure the memory in mind. Although these pictures, because Jordan's retirement, and s long become some dim, but in a Penny Hardaway Shoes new generation of NBA star, kobe Bryant stood out, inheriting the spirit, and leave the same memories is worthy to be remembered. Jordan's remarks may, and don't want to cause a controversy, but let a person see Jordan spirit in today's union heritage. While inheriting the spirit, it is to get five champion kobe Bryant.Attend the same activities, brook lopez's bottom spirit than woll [micro bo] foot a lot. As he became a famous sports brand image spokesperson, more important is, the all star weekend, he is orthodox selected all-star, and is the first time. If enough, lopez in answer to the question is very loud voice, and he also don't want to sit on the seat. So, the scene a group of reporters, had to lift his head, and lifted up the LuYinBi, cooperate with the all star "priority" complete access. "I will put my it an Nike Air Foamposite Pro honor to my teammates. Our team this year is very successful, it is the most important. When the team style, I will play their own social status. It makes me to appear in the all-star game," said of his first all-star status, lopez and haddon different, about the legion chapter to the team, "many of our players are new faces, never together before a game. But as we learn game and things are going very well. It makes me can't wait to get in the all star weekend after, and my teammates to hit the road." Glory over the team, lopez also do not forget to give his name: "now is the alliance trend is faster and more small, so we see more and more big start dribbling, shooting, Cheap Air Foamposite Pro do some was originally a defender to do. And a lot of people on the definition of center is very narrow, let a lot of big ashamed to admit that he is a center. But, I can become a center proud. I not only is a center, or a traditional classical center." Then, in the face of more relaxed topic, lopez state is up-and-up. "You see my body have what change? Tell you: the first is hair changed, it's not because I broke up with his girlfriend, but because I want to let oneself in the all-star game image appears more clean and fresh. In addition, you guess what? That is -- - our new stadium has been finished, our team now call brooklyn basket nets!" In such a state, lopez start to the all star trip to think about. "I want here to try to do can do anything, to understand every detail. The game, I hope I can and lebron James and carmelo Anthony play wonderful fit. In addition, I also intend to defend the western team, looking for opportunities and kobe [micro bo] to a one-on-one, when the time comes I will personally said to him:" good, I can want to come!
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