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Alive and Safe but Still Not Home

Posted Aug 18 2007 12:00am

I made a couple of well placed phone calls to some of Salinda's friends. Within a few minutes she called saying she was not going to tell me where she had spent the night but that she needed to find Bs phone before she could come. I told her she needed to come home now and I would help her get the phone. She is not interested in that plan.

I reminded her that the longer it took her to get home, the longer it would take for her to be available to have me spend my money on her or take per places. She told me I was not fair. I reminder her that it was not fair that she lied last night, that it was not fair that she spent the night somewhere different, that it was not fair that she had not let me know she was OK, that it was not fair that she wouldn't let me know where she was. Those things, I told her, were not fair.

If she comes home in a reasonable amout of time I will offer her some hope that with a good attitude she may not go too long without the privileges of family -- but that if her attitude is horrible, I'll go longer. I've had it with her, and have given in way too many times.

Meanwhile, while I'm stressing, Bart has been waxing eloquent in his blog postnig this morning .

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