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A lot of roleplayers seem to want gamer real estate

Posted Dec 17 2012 3:07am
Knowledge is the most of Buy Runescape Gold essential factor, of course, but there are other functions Blizzard could add to the encounter that would help roleplayers too. I'd like to deal with a few of these factors, and see how much they could really do for us. Gamer real estate is a possible function that gets mentioned a lot, but I have my questions as to whether or not it would really help roleplayers all that much. Another problem is one that is more essential to me individually, and is another function motivated by my test with Warhammer Online: looking at interaction between figures.

A lot of roleplayers seem to want gamer real estate, but I have my questions as to how well it would actually perform out. On one side, it would be awesome to have a position in the experience that we could actually create our own, and personalize to some level. We could go there and have individual interactions start only to individuals we want there, so we wouldn't have to fear about unique individuals roaming by and trying to irritate us.

On the other side, I fear that gamer real estate wouldn't get much use among many gamers unless there were really brilliant techniques that could link it very well to the relax of the experience globe. If Blizzard just put in some additional example entrances in a town, where a specific website just led you to your own guild's unique home, individuals might appear there for guild events, but most of enough time they would want to be out on the globe doing factors, questing, designing, or battling in PvP. It could be awesome to use the guild home as a position to dangle out when you're just communicating with buddies instead of adventuring, but if it's too far out of the way then individuals would never hassle going there.
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