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A career high. Durant images to shoot 5 times cut and + beyond kobe Bryant

Posted Jan 21 2013 2:20am
The first half, durant ten shots hit only 4 ball, but still depend on robust 6 for 6 to 15 points under attack. And in the third quarter, durant finally completely open fire. This section, thunder try to expand advantages, but the mavericks followed, especially veteran carter hit two record three points, single section cut down nine points. Want to know, carter but durant childhood idol. After an interview, durant said he was carter's super fans, even once hope that Nike Air Max 2012 Mens the oneself is in the league to play when the Toronto raptors. See idol floor points, durant is certainly not resigned to playing second fiddle. The third quarter last its thunder, durant holding up front, just contrapuntal is carter. Where he will miss this chance to show themselves, hand up sword fell is three points, reliable hit. And this one day, durant off three 3-pointers, alone cut 16 points, and will ascend to 50% shooting. Because the two sides stalemate, durant although since then feel generally, but still able to use made a foul, and constantly up points. And at the end of the small, he has scored 43 points, hit a record high season. This is also the season durant fifth cut down and +, more than kobe Bryant (micro bo) (4 times) and carmelo Anthony (three times), become season and + the greatest number of players. And in overtime, durant is show the superstar's dominant, his free throws, three points and two key jump shot, breath and boom nine points. And the game is over, durant has cut down 52 points, creating career scoring record, but also help the team won a great victory.Beijing time on Nike Air Max 2012 Womens January 19, thunder away against state recovery calf. Durant off his career high 52 points and 9 rebounds, wei little also have 31 points 6 rebounds and six assists enter an item in an account, thunder finally through the overtime to a 117-114 win over Dallas, hao take 6 winning streak, and put an end to the opponent four straight wins. Nowitzki contribution and points and nine rebounds, but shot only 5 of 19. Thunder in recent successive win, and wei little good state is inseparable, the past two games in his off 68 points. And the game, wei little up is aggressive and dye-in-the-wood, continuous breakthrough to inside, the air walk from Dallas big player cap, complete difficult layup. And half of the game, wei less 15 shots off in August 16 points, most are highly appreciation for the layup. And in the second half, durant recovery handle, the third quarter off single section 16 points, the highest career off 52 points. At this point, the wei little Nike Air Max 2011 and make adjustment, continuous give assists. How to personal attack and pass to make the right choice between, wei little is now appear more do a job with skill and ease. The opening, the mavericks storm inside, by Marion and kaman under attack 6 points. However, thunder double less quickly into the state, west brook continuous difficult layup inroads, durant is also free throws and breakthrough after scoring. Two people to breath cut down 19 points, and the team will win. Since then, Martin three points and layup to get 5 points. Thunder with 14-2 attack wave, the first quarter with a 30 - and lead the mavericks. Time section, Martin come up two free throws, Dallas is rely on veteran mike James and the counter. TeMing duran three points, wei less successful breakthrough, the barca after an advantage, thunder will spread to 14 points. Boil, dirk nowitzki finally hit the first ball game, the continuous hit back, retaliate a 9-0 attack wave. Before the end of the midfield, wei little tip-in Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 inroads, thunder in 53-46 lead the mavericks.Turn to war, durant strike terror in people, hit a 3-pointer. But the mavericks rely on KeLiSen and Mayo, continuous attack 7 points, the points gap down to 3 points. Wei little looked at continuous breakthrough kill the mavericks inside, durant again after three points, and continuous free throws up points. Single quarter, durant off 16 points, help thunder once will extend the lead to 12 points. But in the carter hit two record three points, the mavericks narrow points difference, after three trailed 72-81 with thunder. Minor details, dirk nowitzki suddenly back to yong, he made an attack and continuous under eight points, to brand with a 16-4 against high water, put the three points. Thunder through the free throw after points, but nowitzki to jump in. Before the end of the small two points more minutes, durant looms and penalty scored eight points, wei less two more free throws, thunder win 3 points. The end of the quarter of 2.3 seconds, Mayo's 3-pointer equaliser, and Kevin durant miss, the game into overtime. Overtime, dirk nowitzki and carter continuous cut points, but durant yong not block, free throws, three points and off with nine points. Final mike James and carter continuous three points for Boston, moreover, the mavericks lost at home.
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