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23rd comes as rains New Orleans Saints Jerseys

Posted Nov 17 2012 6:13am

23rd comes as rains of New Orleans Saints Jerseys Guiyang, the venue wet, and is good for tall people, however the weather did not offset the advantages of and the general difficulties of missing soldiers. This field competition veteran Sun jihai appears in has he familiar of left defender of location Shang, Rao Weihui (micro-Bo) and Chen Jie (micro-Bo) not out surprise to replacement has Qu Bo and sea of location, plus zhiqian has been in first lineup of several foreign aid and Hao (micro-Bo), and Li Chunyu, and Zhang Chenglin (micro-Bo), players, in Qu Bo, and sea injury stopped, and nano accumulated yellow cannot play of situation Xia, this list almost has is currently Gao Hongbo most took of shot of lineup, almost can certainly, Wednesday FA Cup Shang, People and will be fine-tuned on the basis of this portfolio.


Damrey also talked about  cheap Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys   the defensive distracted him a lot of energy, he stressed: "my character at the offensive end. "But playing to now, Farias again, individuals must be subject to the collective interest. Domestic players on the front three have been spending on foreign aid in defending some of the questioning, Farias could not be eased by this time.

Damrey can do now is learn to trust his teammates, picking good teams attack again: "I would like to make use of this interval with domestic players do some matching exercise, find the feeling. "He also said, in the arena of next week Dalian aerbin (micro-blog), he will not shave.


 Lu Yi, Vice President of the Club at the base said in media interviews: "Fuli is Baoji, followed the team from top to bottom there is only one idea was rushed AFC Champions. "Once the AFC Champions champion Jiao Dou Farias seemed more eager to battle AFC Champions next year:" we are very confident now, according to my thinking, the best idea is three feet 9. ”

As usual, first day of training, the New York Giants Jerseys cheap   team did not touch the ball, indoor, all emotions are good, with Captain kyurc (micro-blog) saying "play to this level, everybody hopes AFC Champions", but that's obviously a person feeling inside---Damrey. Before the start of training, the team took a family portrait, Damrey less music, after the end of training, the team on the turf into a "force of" photographing, Damrey expressions of reluctance, saying photographers to get done with this he wear a stubble of untrimmed beard even decadent.

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