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   How to Defend Your Duplicate Proxy Exploit on Facebook?(b)

Posted Jan 15 2013 2:30am

??They want to give you one copy of the Great Blue Widget article and the other results  what you wanted before.In order to handle this problem, the Google spiders and indexes on the same page would check it to see whether it would get a page that is predominantly the same duplicate page if you will . 
??In order to figure out how Google works this out, we should know about the kinds of this software:the page text length, the page title, the headings, the keyword densities, checking the copy sentence fragments etc when you get on Facebook in your leisure time . As a result of this duplicate content filter, a whole industry would grow up around when they tried to get round the filter when they get on Facebook at school or at work. 
??Getting back to the story here, Google indexes a page and what if it fails the duplicate content check and what choices would Google have? These days, it dumps that duplicate page in Google’s Supplemental Index. Maybe you didn’t know about that Google has 2 indexes before and you might not understand what it is used in their work.Well ,let us tell you the specific function about them to help you unblock Facebook
They are both important here: Google will always return results from their Main index if they can; and they will only go to the Supplemental index if they don’t get enough joy from their main index. What this means is that if your page is in the supplemental index, it’s almost certain that you will never show up in the Search Engine Ranking Pages, unless there is next to no competition for the phrase that was searched for.    
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