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Tulsa, Oklahoma
Author of In My Mind: The World through the Eyes of Autism", an endearing tale about how a child with autism sees the world... and how the world sees him. Adonya Wong, an Army brat and Navy veteran from Southern California, currently resides in northeastern Oklahoma with her family. After graduating high school, she joined the Navy where she served in Iceland and Maryland. She also served with the California Air National Guard. She has a diverse professional background working in... Full Bio
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Nov 24 2009 by Tex Styles

I suggest Dr. Laila Afrika. Getting in touch with him, watching his videos on youtube and reading books. I am new to this site however I have a lot of expirience with raw foods and will be blogging a book everyday that I have read on raw and other topics as well. Queen Afua is someone else I suggest contacting. She has at least 30 years in.