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Dallas, Texas
Dr. Uhr is a psychiatrist that specializes in treating addiction. She is passionate about helping families know what to do when one of their family members struggle with alcoholism and addiction. Her psychiatry training and fellowship in psychopharmacology at Stanford University School of... Full Bio
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Dr Ram Mani Bhandari

kathmandu, Nepal
Dr Ram Mani Bhandari is an , Holistic healer, writer and consultant based in Kathmandu, Nepal.  He has done BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery) from Ayurveda Campus, Institure of Medicine, Tribhuwan university, Kathmandu. He is a specialist on different sphere of  “Ayurveda”, Herbal Medicine, Panchakarma, Yoga, Meditation, Naturopathy.

Matthew Kennedy

California 93111
I am a ceramic artist who specializes in handmade one of a kind "Art Urns" and vases.  Inspired by Tattoo Art.  I have 15 years of sobriety and love AA.  I live in Santa Barbara Ca. 805-765-1113


California 77004
I am a busy Mother of 3 with two girls that are the result of my first marriage that ended due to the damaging effects of alcoholism. I've created my blog to help me find support/advice on how to help my girls get through the loss of their birth Father and his family. They have not seen their Dad in nearly 4 years, as he refuses to go through a court ordered alcohol evaluation, or complete the...

Sobriety Fitness

Ohio 44125
Hi!, I am the writer of "Sobriety Fitness!"  I started Sobriety Fitness in the quest to motivate and inspire other Alcoholics, Addicts and individuals who live with an Alcoholic or Addict and to give comfort and support when they may not know where or who to turn too.  I include Fitness as a way to cope with stress, anxiety and many more feelings that are experienced...


California 1916646311

Saeed abbasi

Queens, New York