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Your Job Will Never Love You

Posted Nov 04 2011 9:57am

Time to dust off an old post I did and offer up a classic example of self plagiarism…..although technically that really doesn’t exist. Just having some word fun! Have you ever been in a toxic job? Let me tell you, I was recently. Unrealistic expectations and a boss who was unbearable. What a nightmare!! It impacts your sleep, heightens levels of stress and creates an environment that becomes counterproductive. A good sense of humor helps!!!

As ADD Coach Pete Quily said on his site regarding the toxic job, “The worst kind of toxic job is the gradual one. The golden or velvet handcuffs. (no, nothing to do with S&M). The job where the money and or the benefits trap you.“

When your happiness and professional goals are at stake, you need to look closely at the toxic job and make some serious decisions and determine if it’s right for you, or not. The toxic job causes issues for everyone. For people with ADD, it can manifest on top of some of the challenges some people face with the many traits of ADD. Understand what your ADD challenges are and how the toxic work place can impact you. It’s your life…… and life is too short to let the wrong work environment impact your life negatively. An old boss once told me, “your job will never love you“. So true.

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