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Your ADD Spouse & Groundhog Day

Posted Jan 31 2012 10:08am

Does your spouse or partner have ADD/ADHD? Do you have it, and your spouse/partner has to live with you? It would be very interesting to get inside the mind of a person who does not have ADD and understand what they see when the look at their better half. I joke, however way back when the two of you met there was probably a lot of ADD driven characteristics that were displayed as part of who you were. You know what I mean, that spontaneous fun stage of your relationship. Can you imagine you or your spouse not having ADD? Things might be a little dull around the house’ kind of like the movie Ground Hog Day staring Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell and Chris Elliott. Bill Murray wakes up finds himself repeating the same day over and over again, so he begins to re-examine his life and priorities. With ADD, there really aren’t too many days that are the same, which can be fun and add that spice to life. The difference is, today we recognize these characteristics as common traits of ADD. It doesn’t make anyone worse or better, it simply is a sign of how much our understanding of ADD has grown and how we are now understand so much more about how to manage it and overcome the challenge.

Today, how we communicate in relationships has changed, for the better……….well, for most people. A couple today can sit down and develop an understanding of how ADD impacts a relationship, manage it and turn it into a very positive part of a thriving and healthy relationship. Whether through ADD coaching, counselling, medication, education or some simple time just reading up on the topic, ADD is very manageable.

An ADD’er needs to be given some space to be creative, cut lose and simply be, so let that happen. A spouse without ADD needs to be heard and that perspective must be understood, so an ADD’er must challenge him/herself to better understand what is happening on the other side of the fence too. The bottom line is, ADD is very real, it’s everywhere and couples need to work together to acknowledge and celebrate it……..because it is probably the key reason most ADD influenced relationships bring so much passion, spontaneity, fun, creativity and life into the home.

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