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You Are What You Eat, With ADD

Posted Jan 26 2012 8:11am

As an ADD adult, many people face challenges that differ from others with ADD. One challenge can be extra weight, and as we all know this can lead to other medical challenges such as diabetes or heart conditions. I’m lucky I guess, I’ve managed to learn a lot about food, nutrition and exercise over the years and have established a pretty healthy life style. Complex carbohydrate “carbs” like fish and chicken are brain food ! Red wine is healthy isn’t it? It’s good for the heart I hear, ya, that’s my justification.

The reality of weight issues for many ADD’ers is a hard challenge to overcome. Unplanned meals and a balanced diet lead to satisfying meals or hungers with quick food choices that often include fast food and usually don’t result in a balanced dietary approach. The wrong foods don’t give our bodies what we need to sustain energy and focus and we simply don’t get that brain power we all need. Proper food planning includes Snacking throughout the day, small healthy snacks between meals is great for energy, getting that metabolism functioning and it sustains energy as opposed to crashing between meals. Things like almonds, celery, granola & yogurt, apple, pear, Wasa crackers with almond/peanut butter, egg whites and veggies are great!

Stay away from those chips, candies and other things you might crave, and what an ADD’er may have an impulsive draw too. They are loaded with so much garbage and sugar and will set you up for an energy shut down quickly after. I know it can be hard, you can do it! Reach for the healthy snack instead.

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