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Yoga, and hand blended green monsters.

Posted Mar 16 2010 12:00am

Good Morning!!! I like to think that today is Thursday since tomorrow is the last work day of the week. Oh how I love long weekends. :)

I want to thank you all for your comments on my post yesterday. You made me feel a lot better about not being able to run. So thanks guys!! :)

As you know, I broke the blender that my mom lent me . Ive been looking for a replacement for her, but a good blender is freaking expensive. If I cant replace hers, shes not going to buy me a new one for my birthday. Sucky eh?

I went a couple of days without my green monsters, and I just missed them so much! Its amazing the difference they make in my energy level.

Fortunately, I remembered an idea Kris  had a while back, and I whipped out the hand blender. This takes longer, because I cant just walk away and let the blender do its work while I finish getting ready for work). But until I get a blender, this will do.

The mixture above btw, was the best green monster Ive ever made!!

It had 2 giant handfuls of spinach, 1 banana, cherry pomegranate POM Juice, strawberry kefir and chocolate hemp protein powder. Seriously, so good.

Doesnt that look cool? They may not be as smooth as Im used to – thats probably due to the fact that my hand blender cost $15 at Save On (you get what you pay for right?) but I have fun watching everything mix. I  may also make sound effects. I have an awful lot of fun making these!

So, as you know Im taking a break from running. I brought out the stationary bike last night and rode it until I was sweaty, then did some yoga.

I really enjoy yoga, but I do find that my yoga dvd is a little slow though. Does anyone else notice that? I would like less talking, and more actual yoga. Any good dvd’s you guys can suggest?

Yesterday, the lovely and hilarious Amy of Second City Randomness  gave me this Sunshine Award.

I wanted to pass this on to a few of you that add Sunshine to my life through your blogs. Now, since I really would pick all of your blogs, and that list would just go on forever, I decided to limit myself to five. Strictly from a time standpoint. If I dont mention you, consider yourself nominated anyway. :)

Ameena from Fancy That … Fancy This  because I have never once read her blog without laughing. Her honesty is both refreshing, and hilarious.

Kelly at Healthy Living With Kelly  because she has such a positive attitude, and I feel like she would just be so FUN in real life!! :)

Ayla from High on Healthy  because Im never quite sure what shes going to write about and I LOVE that. She will pretty much say anything on her blog, and I think thats awesome!

Kim at Ilax Studio  because shes just awesome. I love reading her blog, she always has such interesting things to talk about, or is trying some genious recipe.

Liane at Running for Wine  because she cracks me up! She has such a way with words, and if you dont already read her blog you should. Its hilarious!! 

Alright, well theres my list. But seriously, you are all amazing, and you all brighten my days. So I nominate everyone!!

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